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Keynote Speaker

This Canadian award-winning Olds College student is passionate about agriculture and life. Léona has struck a perfect balance in applying the time-honoured principles she learned within her family farming roots. Her parents, the late Jean & Joanne Dargis, taught their five daughters the powerful combination of education and enthusiasm in moving not only the agricultural industry forward but in truly living life to its’ fullest.

In 2011, she became a Canadian Nuffield Scholar. This enabled her to study the topic of succession planning and farm diversification around the world.

Today, Léona’s role as a keynote speaker grows.

She leads by setting an example all while being spontaneous. Léona will share her stories that exemplify how to take unimaginable change, adapt to it and succeed. Her heartfelt and very realistic perspective is sure to move her audience and offer a unique reflective experience.

“A fantastic speaker with a captivating story –

professional yet interactive and funny. Leona’s story was very inspirational and as a result it inspired me to work hard, believe in myself and never give up!”

~Women in the Pastoral Industry Career Workshop
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