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About Léona Watson

I am proud of my rural upbringing on our family farm in North Eastern Alberta along with my four younger sisters; Lynn, Sarah, Suzanne and Jeanelle. Together we helped our parents build a successful mixed farming operation. We were taught how to work hard, respect one another and take responsibility. All the while making sure we were having fun and remembering to be spontaneous. Dad always said “There’s a time to work hard and there’s a time to play hard.”

In 2007 our loving parents, Jean & Joanne Dargis, along with grandmother, Anita Dargis, were called up to heaven. I always say that I am grateful for many things but what I am grateful for the most is having the guidance and love of our parents for the time we did. I would not be the person I am today without having such examples to live up to. I am inspired everyday in becoming an individual that they are proud of.

Within the last few years I have grown to appreciate the power of inspiration and motivational speaking. I enjoy helping the people around me through sharing parts of my story and global perspectives that I have gained through traveling world. This website is a collection of thoughts and ideas that I hope will give you insight to living you life to its fullest!

Cheers, Léona

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