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Léona’s Nuffield Report has been distributed around the world and has received acclaim from farmers and businessmen as an insightful report.

It has helped readers understand the challenges of succession planning all while providing global perspectives on the capabilities of

the Next Generation.

To view/save/share the PDF copy of Leona’s Nuffield Report click – 

Leona Dargis Nuffield Report

To purchase a printed copy of Leona’s Nuffield Report visit – 

Leona Dargis Blurb Books


Nuffield International is an elite group of over 1,700 leaders from Canada, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. These scholars share a passion for innovative advancement within their agricultural industries, for global benefit. Each year Nuffield Canada awards individuals from across the country based on their farming skills, leadership capabilities and their potential to make a strong, valuable contribution to the future of Canadian agriculture.

A Nuffield Scholarship provides the unique opportunity to:

  • Develop a global perspective on food and agriculture

  • Achieve personal development through study and travel

  • Stand back from their day-to-day occupation and study a topic of real interest to them

  • Access to ‘the world’s best’ in food and farming

  • Deliver long-term benefits to Canadian producers and industry members

Recipients are required to complete a minimum of ten weeks travel, independently field-researching the topic of their choice in whichever countries best suit their study topic needs. Additional information can be found at

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